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Truffle tasting in Renche County by Vaison la Romaine

Truffle from Pays de Renche (Renche County)

An original discovery of the truffle, in a friendly atmosphere with a local guide

Throughout the year, different varieties of truffles:
-from November to March: the black truffle (tuber melanosporum and tuber brumale)
-from May to October: the white truffle of summer and autumn (tuber aestivum and tuber uncinatum)
-Truffles Richerenches Bush secrets: day
Discovery of the village of Richerenches, the truffle in the Saturday morning market, meeting with dealers and producers.

Workshop and brunch riddled the home of the guide Bush, legends and stories truffle to the fire.
Digging with a trufficulteur and his dog, the cycle of the truffle, taste wedding wines and truffles

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