Wellness - Foot reflexology - Massage - Yoga

From  315€

On-site well-being at the hotel

Only by reservation
The Hotel Le Beffroi offers various treatments by qualified speakers, by appointment, in the hotel, in the garden, by the pool, or in your room.

You have relaxation in a wonderful place that will remove the stress and tension of everyday life.

The salt water pool, heated in season, invites you to cool off and admire the rooftops of the city below.

Massages and treatments

Our qualified masseuse gives wellness massages according to different protocols: relaxing massage, intuitive massage...

Camille offers different types of sessions, from localized massage to full massage (from head to toe) accompanied by a sound journey with the Tibetan bowl.

Rates :
30 min massage: 50 euros
Massage 1h : 90 euros
Massage 1h30 : 120 euros

Free time massage : Consult us

Nathalie performs foot reflexology massages

Rates :

30 min treatment : 60 euros
Yoga classes

Camille Murigneux is a trained yoga teacher with a diploma from a traditional school in the north of India, the cradle of this ancestral practice.

"I decided to teach Hatha yoga which is a gentle, complete and accessible to all. In the respect of the capacities of each one. »

It includes breathing exercises (pranayama), postures and stretching (asana) and mediation all in full awareness of the body, mind and especially the present moment.

An invitation to relax, to let go and to discover oneself.

Individual rates : 50 euros (duration 1h30)

Group (min 3 /max 6 pax) : 20 euros per person


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